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EMI Certificate requirements

All graduate students may attend the seminars. Those seeking the Graduate Certificate for English Mediated Instruction must satisfy the following additional requirements. This certificate program is similar to those offered by teaching and learning centers at universities in other countries, such as the US, Canada and Australia. It is not a teaching certificate or teaching endorsement, but a certificate of completion in a CTL program for professional development.


1 Procedures and requirements

  • Participate in 10 seminars altogether
  • Participate in at least 1-2 seminars from each of Modules A, B, C and D
  • Participate in both seminars from Module E: small group workshop [SGW] around mid-terms, and micro-teaching workshop [MTW] around finals time
  • Participate in one micro-teaching session
  • Handing in portfolio materials, consisting of:
    1. a curriculum vitae (CV) [draft due at SGW]
    2. a sample course syllabus (for a hypothetical future class) [draft due at SGW]
    3. a conference proposal [due before MTW]
    4. one of the following: [a] a statement of purpose (SOP) to apply to a graduate school program, [b] a research statement, or [c] a teaching philosophy statement (TPS) to apply for a teaching job [draft due before MTW]
    5. a brief outline of your micro-teaching presentation [due via email, before MTW]

Written comments will be provided on these portfolio materials, and once they are deemed satisfactory, the students can receive their certificates.

For questions, please contact the seminar facilitator, Prof. Kent Lee.

2 Application form

To apply for the certificate, visit the CTL website and sign up for the certificate. The website is also where you also sign up for the EMI seminars.

For the certificate program, you must sign up online during the advertised signup time, and by the sign-up deadline. This is usually during the first 1-2 weeks of the seminars, around the time of seminars A1-A2.

Those seeking the EMI certificate should refer to the pages for the micro-teaching and portfolio assignments.