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1 EMI micro-teaching guidelines

If you have applied for the EMI certificate, you will be notified by the CTL about your micro-teaching appointment. The sessions will take place in Central Plaza #122.

1.1 Format

You and 2-4 other graduate students from different departments will each give a 10-12 minute mini-lecture. You can choose any topic in your field. After the presentations, the facilitator (Dr. Lee) will provide feedback and comments.

1.2 Suggestions

We suggest that you first outline your talk, and develop your lecture materials accordingly (lecture notes, slides, etc.). You might find it helpful if you do this in connection with the lesson plan requirement of the portfolio materials.

1.3 Requirements

The lecture can be [1] an overview of a specific topic from your field; or [2] a segment of a longer lecture that you might deliver someday; or [3] a more specific lecture on a very specific research-related concept or topic, including a conference presentation topic.* The lecture must be appropriate for a college level (or graduate level) lecture.

  • The lecture must be in English.
  • You may use any kind of media - PPT, Prezi, video file, handout, whiteboard, etc.
  • It should be doable in 10-12 minutes, i.e., it must be specific enough for a 10-12 min. presentation, and you must be able to cover your materials within 12 minutes.

1.4 Criteria

We suggest that you rehearse appropriately (e.g., rehearse 1-2 times for contents, and 1-2 times for English). Feedback will be given on the following, in order to help you develop your lecturing and presentation skills.* Organization, structure, flow

  • Clear introduction and conclusion
  • Good contents
  • Contents appropriate for a 12 minute lecture
  • Time management
  • Appropriate use of media (e.g., simple, clear, well designed slides, or good use of whiteboard)
  • Vocal delivery
  • English proficiency (don't worry about being perfect or having an accent; what's important is being clear, audible, and intelligible)
  • Poise and body language

1.5 Times

You will be notified of your micro-teaching times. The sessions will take place at the following times.* 30 Nov. (Fri.): 2pm, 4pm

  • 07 Dec. (Fri.): 2pm, 4pm

Those seeking the EMI certificate should refer to the pages for the micro-teaching and portfolio assignments.