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1 Academic Writing Portal

These materials are for improving academic writing skills and the teaching of teaching. These materials are aimed at:

  • Writing teachers and tutors of academic writing and composition, especially at the intermediate and advanced levels; for those teaching English as a first or second language
  • Those teaching research methods and writing
  • Students learning academic writing
  • Professors needing help with writing or research methods for course contents or publishing their research

Scroll down for wiki pages and handouts (more will be added over time).

1.3 Writing pedagogy topics

Materials for teachers

1.3.1 Teaching writing or using academic writing in teaching

1.7 PDF Handouts

1.8 Key handouts

1.9 General form & organization

1.9.1 Writing process

1.9.2 Academic genre, styles, and discourse

1.9.3 General form and style

1.9.4 Rhetorical structure

1.10 Transitionals and coherence

1.11 Word choice and word formation

1.11.1 Word choice

1.11.2 Word formation

1.11.3 Reporting & communication verbs

Use of verbs like reported, stated, mentioned...

1.12 Source use

1.12.1 Finding & using sources

1.12.2 Plagiarism & ethics

1.13 Specialized genres - academic & professional

1.13.1 Business & professional writing

1.14 Grammar & mechanics

1.14.1 Writing / discourse grammar

1.14.2 Punctuation, spelling

1.15 List of portals

1.16 List of category pages